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Why Do You “NEED” A Website?

There are so many social media platforms these days that many businesses are starting to stray away from having a traditional website. I can remember a time when using the words traditional and website in the same sentence would have been unheard of LOL! I am a fan of using free or low-cost tools to launch and sustain business so that means you SHOULD be using social media as part of your overall strategy.   But it should never be the end all be all. There are HUGE benefits to having a website if you can afford one.  Despite having a rock solid Facebook business page or Instagram there is still a very large number of consumers/clients who won’t do business with or shop from places who don’t have a website.


So let’s look at what a website does for you: {A quick and simple top 5}

1.} Your website gives your business information to the public 24/7 with ease and clarity. We have to face it, today’s website is yesterday’s yellow pages/phone book. Even with all the talk about NOT trusting everything you see on the internet businesses who have websites are viewed as more approachable and trustworthy vs those who don’t. We have reached the time where if someone wants to know more about your business or how to contact you for purchase they check 2 places Google i.e. your website and Facebook your business page. If you don’t have a website you are leaving money on the table from all the thousands of people who would buy from you but opps!! Your site didn’t come up in their internet search because you don’t have one.

2.} A website shows legitimacy. It’s an invested parking space that you can do what you will with. So that means you can share positive reviews and testimonials that help new clients make the choice to do business with you.  Nothing beats word of mouth right. Well if you are collecting and sharing your testimonials your website is a space that brings that word of mouth to each possible new client who lands on your pages.   You can display your license #’s, certifications etc. all in a manner that shows the customer you are a legit business they can trust. It’s easier to get this message across visually than it is by you telling them. Your website speaks for you and about you.

3.} Nowadays sites have the ability to work for you. They are responsive to your clients and prospects. Websites can give business owners a bit of freedom by handling tasks. Things such as taking payments, scheduling appointments, answering frequently asked questions, displaying products, sharing information, and taking messages. All of these and sometimes a few more are tasks that your website has the ability to handle for you while you either focus on business or enjoy free time.

4.} Your audience expands when you have a website. They don’t call it the world wide web for nothing LOL! I like to tell my clients the moment you have a live and functional site you are no longer just a “local” business owner. You are in fact international. You may offer products and services only to local clients or you may ship items and work remotely around the world. Either way, once you have a website you have the ability to be seen and heard by billions.  You never know when your site is picked up via a web search by someone across the pond. This is why so many business owners blog from there websites. Anytime someone googles questions or searches for a product or services and your site/blog shows up in their search for an answer. Well, you dear have just expanded your audience. If you’ve read this far and you are ready to talk about setting up your website I offer two things.
A.} You can click here to review my Facebook gallery of sites completed to see how you like my work.
B.} You can click here to request a quote for your website. 

5.} There are shoestring budget options If you are still not ready for a website.  If you are not tech savvy or don’t have the budget for the initial web design along with monthly maintenance and hosting a website can seem overwhelming. No worries, I LOVE the start-up business owner and I get excited about meeting you where you are and growing with you.  I offer a facebook business package that will allow you to grab a web address, professional e-mail and even your logo all for a smooth $100. It gives the true newbie on a shoestring budget a chance to launch without delay.  This arrangement allows you to show up before your audience with a professional come across. You will make sales from your business page bringing the profit you need to later expand to a website. It’s a win/win option that gets you off the sidelines and in the game!  Click here >>Contact me today if this option is a fit for you! 


speed matters

Speed Matters

Speed Matters

In our world speed matters right. I mean the faster the better. We don’t like to wait for anything really. Examples; Traffic lights, microwaves, and fast food just to name a few. The internet, in my opinion, has helped usher us into a society where we want it, and we want it NOW.

What does this mean for your website

User experience is important to the powers who rule the web, this means speed equals good page rank. Google and other search engines want to make sure that if they are going to bump you up the list, that their viewers have a smooth experience on your site. Smooth meaning no delays, quick page loads, and rapid results.

How can you check your site

There a variety of website speed testers out there. One of my favorites that will allow you to test the speed of your site and it’s SEO rank is Neil Patel. I like Neil Patel because it is free, and using it you can see how you stack up against your competitors. It will allow you to input your web address and the address of 3 other sites. After testing all 3 it will tell you how each one stands up in 1st through 4th place, and what improvements you should make.  Click Here to check out the Neil Patel site. Pingdom is also, a great website speed tester. It’s also free and gives you a grade of A – F with a break down of what needs to be fixed. Click here to visit the Pingdom site speed tester. 

Need some assistance

Having a great offer means nothing if your company is not being seen when potential customers search for what you have. If you have tested your site and you would like to improve your speed and SEO click here to request a free quote today and let’s improve your page rank for better results! {Wordpress sites only}