speed matters

Speed Matters

Speed Matters

In our world speed matters right. I mean the faster the better. We don’t like to wait for anything really. Examples; Traffic lights, microwaves, and fast food just to name a few. The internet, in my opinion, has helped usher us into a society where we want it, and we want it NOW.

What does this mean for your website

User experience is important to the powers who rule the web, this means speed equals good page rank. Google and other search engines want to make sure that if they are going to bump you up the list, that their viewers have a smooth experience on your site. Smooth meaning no delays, quick page loads, and rapid results.

How can you check your site

There a variety of website speed testers out there. One of my favorites that will allow you to test the speed of your site and it’s SEO rank is Neil Patel. I like Neil Patel because it is free, and using it you can see how you stack up against your competitors. It will allow you to input your web address and the address of 3 other sites. After testing all 3 it will tell you how each one stands up in 1st through 4th place, and what improvements you should make.  Click Here to check out the Neil Patel site. Pingdom is also, a great website speed tester. It’s also free and gives you a grade of A – F with a break down of what needs to be fixed. Click here to visit the Pingdom site speed tester. 

Need some assistance

Having a great offer means nothing if your company is not being seen when potential customers search for what you have. If you have tested your site and you would like to improve your speed and SEO click here to request a free quote today and let’s improve your page rank for better results! {Wordpress sites only}